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We provide our clients with a range of bespoke service offerings and across a broad spectrum of activities and sectors.

  • Corporate Transactions, including due diligence, target assessment, merger advisory, and cross-border project management for direct investments, venture capital, private equity, cross border M&A, strategic alliances, and joint ventures

  • Institutional Strategy, including fit-for-purpose corporate structures, optimal governance policies, board assessment, investment frameworks and guidelines, executive coaching, stakeholder engagement, and consensus building


  • Sustainable Investing, including impact investing, venture philanthropy, and responsible investing, across all asset classes, from vetting and building a portfolio to ensuring rigorous measurement, reporting, and investment policies


  • Philanthropy, including alignment of mission with core values, establishment of private foundations and charities, grant assessment, project management, sustainable revenue models, impact assessment, and in-depth diligence of programs and outcomes

There is full transparency on all fee arrangements. The sole objective of LIEDERSHIP is to serve at all times in the best interests of the client.

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